Elena Mirò is one of the historic label of Miroglio Fashion, the clothing division of the Miroglio Group which was set up in 1985 to cater for the need to give a positive response in terms of style and taste to all the women with Mediterranean-style fuller figures.

Over time Elena Mirò has acquired in-depth knowledge and expertise in the skills required to follow fashion, style and trends, adapting them to shapely sizes.

The label has become a focal point for all these women, and at the same time has developed a philosophy of positive, ironic and effective communication.

Since 2005, Elena Mirò has been the only plus-size women’s fashion brand to show at the Milano Moda Donna fashion week.

Impeccable tailoring, beautiful feminine fabrics and vibrant colours reign supreme at Elena Miro. Hero pieces come in the form of expertly tailored blouses, sensational structured dresses and of course, trademark knitwear.

This is as well as versatile T shirts to tunics both subtle and splashed with prints. Despite research from around the world, prints from the Italian design house are never bought in.

One of the great Italian masters of luxe knitwear, Elena Miro is a plus size style dream. The brand incorporates all ends of the fashion spectrum from cashmere infused knitwear, neat Chanel style jackets and catwalk worthy separates that are perpetual customer favourites.

As a leading stockist, Beige is proud to carry a rich selection of Elena Miro, including its exciting new White Label collection.

For.me is the new style project dedicated to the curvy evolution, with the aim of increasingly meeting the requirements of women that love to enhance their figures but who also feel comfortable wearing the latest fashions.

A collection with a highly glamorous and seductive feel, characterised by snappy tailoring and perfect fits. Sizing in the collection ranges from a 42 to a 52.

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